Semiconductor Sales Representative
Eastern Europe

Lines Represented

STOFL is the official authorized sales representative for these companies:

Cypress specializes in advanced embedded systems solutions. The company offers a wide portfolio of innovative MCUs, wireless connectivity silicon and modules, memory, USB and analog products, along with free of charge software to take advantage of the highly flexible architecture. The products suit broad industry, including industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets. Cypress is second to none when it comes to touch base solutions. The company takes a holistic approach to system design to allow users to integrate more functionality and optimize their projects.

Adam Tech is a worldwide manufacturer of interconnects. The wide range of interconnecting solutions includes a plethora of connectors (from every imaginable header, modular jack, audio/video or power plug to USB, FFC, RF connector to pogo pin, spring joint and nanoSIM socket), cable & wire harnesses and waterproof solutions. Should an addition to the standard offering be desired, Adam Tech's highly qualified team stands by for quick customization. The company's flexible business model, short lead- time, price competitiveness and superior support, backed by 30 years of experience in quality design and manufacturing, make Adam Tech a one-stop-shop for all connecting needs.